Quality Through People

The Quality Through People programme focuses on making your employees aware of the implications of poor quality, providing them with the tools and know-how to make a difference in your organisation, through our group learning experience, guidance and facilitation course.

What challenge does this address?

In the 1980’s quality guru Philip Crosby (Quality is Free*) stated that on average over 20% of a companies turnover was wasted correcting avoidable mistakes and having to do things again.

In the 21st century little has changed. Companies still do not put systems in place that encourage their employees to pay attention to detail and put quality first. This leads to them having to do the work again to correct simple errors.

Why “Quality Through People” may be right for you?

A pound saved is worth more than a pound earned!

If 20% of a company’s costs are due to a lack of attention to quality, a company with £3 million in annual revenues is wasting £600,000 every year. Even a small 10% improvement in quality (Doing it right first time) would immediately add £60,000 in extra PROFIT to the bottom line.

Quality training is typically seen as a (Dry) technical subject, limited to improvements in manufacturing processes. Quality Through People training focuses on improving human interactions and processes both internally and externally across all levels of the business from boardroom to dispatch.

The level of success of any quality improvement strategy is in direct relationship to the level of management buy-in and commitment.

How will “Quality Through People” address the challenge?

We take a cross section of your employees from all level’s of the company and give them an acute awareness of the real world cost of poor quality and the importance of doing things right first time.

Through a series of breakout sessions, we get them to highlight and analyse real-life quality challenges in your business, that they can positively impact. We give them a range of models and practical tools that allow them to develop a Zero Defects attitude and working environment.

Quality Through People is a One Day Workshop up to eight people.

The Outcome you will see?

On completion of the Quality Through People training workshop you will have a group of employees, empowered with the knowledge, tools, practical skills and commitment to deliver quality products, services and interactions.

Key Outcomes:

  • Access to a previously untapped, companywide pool of experience that can be leveraged to improve your business and positively affect the bottom line.
  • A motivated group of employees committed to establishing quality improvements companywide.
  • A cross-departmental group, working together to support each other and your business.
  • A report from the people at the sharp end on some of the main quality issues currently impacting your business along with practical solutions.
Follow-Up to Maximise Recall

Learning theory tells us recall of any information drops to just 20% over time. To avoid this and ensure maximum impact from the Quality Through People workshops we deliver each attendee with a scheduled series of five concise reviews as follows: after 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months and 6 months to ensure maximum retention of these important business and life skills.

Quality Through People PDF Summary

Download your copy of the Quality Through People programme PDF Summary and keep all the key details at hand.

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