‟Fundamentally, business is nothing more than the interactions between groups of people. We believe that focusing on people development has the most lasting, positive impact on the success of an organisation.”

Quality Through People

On average 20% of a companies annual turnover is wasted correcting mistakes and doing things again. Business is all about people and people make mistakes. Our ‘Profit Through Quality’ courses focus on making your staff aware of the implications of poor quality and give them the tools and know how to work towards doing their jobs ‘100% Right First Time’.

Our unique 6-month follow-up review process focuses on keeping quality at the forefront of the trainees minds until it becomes a habit, this helps to maximise your businesses bottom line profits.

Sales Skill Sets

Certain Sales Skills are universal no matter what the industry or type of selling. Building rapport, listening, presenting, negotiating, turning complaints into opportunities are just some of the areas covered. We couple the latest research, which explode many of the myths around selling with the decades of real-life sales experience of our presenters.

Our unique 6-month automated follow-up process uses the latest Learning Theory to review the course content, enhancing recall until skills become a habit, helping to maximise your business’s sales and profits.

Leadership Development

We often take our most engaged and highest performing employees and reward them by giving them a team to lead. The Result can often be lower engagement, results and higher staff turnover as they try to do something they have never done before – manage, lead and motivate.

In partnership with SEVENTHWAVE, we take talented individuals on a bespoke journey in which they face up-to-the challenges and rewards of people management. We hand them back, with the skills and tools to make them more effective than ever before.

Review System*

For a long time, it has been known that people forget up to 80% of training after just a few days no matter how well the content was delivered. We also know that each person acquires knowledge in their own unique combination of different ways.

At Novalead Limited we have developed a system for all our proprietary courses of regular reviews over a six month period, using the latest techniques tailored to cover all the popular learning styles. The reviews are designed to enhance content recall and implant the learning into long term memory so over time it becomes a habit.

*Review System is only available on Novalead Limited proprietary training courses.

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