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Mike Hardcastle - Managing Director

Mike Hardcastle

Managing Director

Mike has over 10 years of experience in personal development, sales and retail training and online digital strategy.  This has allowed him a unique approach when working to support and train teams across a wide range of roles and markets. 

Specialising in working with market-leading companies across Europe, supporting them to facilitate change within their business through people development, creating sustainable change.

Previously working with Apple Inc for over 6 years in their cutting-edge retail stores. Specialising in B2B account management and working with the larger store team to develop specific sales skills, motivate participation in achieving our company goals while organising and delivering team specific workshop training.

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Mike’s Topics
Leadership Development  ∙  Team Development  ∙  Sales Training  ∙  Mentoring  ∙  Retail Sales Strategies  ∙  Online, Video, SEO and Social Media Marketing  ∙   Marketing & PR Strategies  ∙  Web Development and Online Strategies
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Mike Hardcastle SNR - Director

Michael HardcastleSNR


Mike SNR is a business development facilitator committed to sharing his knowledge and experience with his clients. He has assisted all levels of companies and organisations with Quality and Leadership strategies developed to improve the overall efficiency and profitability of the business.

With a background in engineering, design, and sales Mike’s 25 years of experience at Director level covers multiple business disciplines from leadership and management, technical and operations to sales, marketing, administration, and finance.

Using traditional business methods coupled with the latest technologies Mike has helped to re-invent and transform many businesses for the emerging challenges of the 21st century that he strongly feels will focus on sustainability and quality rather than just growth at any cost.

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Michael’s Topics
Quality  ∙  Leadership and Sales Training  ∙  Business Start-Up and Management  ∙  Product Development and Launches  ∙  Marketing & PR Strategies  ∙  Event Organisation  ∙  Online, Video, SEO and Social Media Marketing
Michael’s Posts, Articles and Reviews

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