What training solutions do we offer at NovaleadLimited?
Quality Through People

The NovaleadLimited Quality Through People programme focuses on making your employees aware of the implications of poor quality and providing them with the tools and know-how to make a difference in your organisation, through our group learning experience, guidance and facilitation course.

Sales Skill Sets

The NovaleadLimited Sales Skill Sets combines the latest research on the science of sales and sales management with the decades of practical experience supplied by our presenters, providing a unique customisable programme that can be tailored to meet the needs of your salespeople and organisation.

Leadership Development

The SEVENTHWAVE leadership development programme, is built on years of experience working with newly appointed managers, supporting them through the challenges in transitioning from “doing and delivering” a great result, to leading others to “do and deliver” outstanding results.

In Person

Our in-person high impact training is tailored to the needs of both your business and your people.

Professionally delivered by our experienced facilitators to provide tools and skills that can be immediately used to deliver positive results to your organisation.

Custom Solutions

If you need to deliver a new product or service or change an internal process within your business, we can help. We specialise in creating and delivering bespoke training solutions that get your people up to speed quickly with new information and processes reducing disruption to a minimum.