Leadership Development

The SEVENTHWAVE leadership development programme, is built on years of experience working with newly appointed managers, supporting them through the challenges in transitioning from doing and delivering a great result, to leading others to do and deliver outstanding results.

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What challenge does this address?

Often, companies reward their most talented employees by giving them a team to lead and develop, on the assumption that as they are great at what they do they can transfer their knowledge and skills to their team.

Challenges usually arise when his/her lack of leadership experience causes their own and the team’s productivity and effectiveness to suffer. This results in low engagement, reduced results and a demotivated team and can lead to an increase in employee turnover.

Why the SEVENTHWAVE solves this for you?

Giving talented employees the tools and training to prevent or overcome this shortfall is essential.

The SEVENTHWAVE takes them through a series of Six Sessions that are bespoke to the company’s needs. Giving them the knowledge, tools and understanding to prevent or overcome these challenges and become enthusiastic, motivated and successful leaders.

How does the SEVENTHWAVE solve the challenge?

We take a talented group of leaders through a series of six one day sessions over a six-month period. Each session not only lets them discover how they tick, it also breaks down the challenges of leadership and management into bite sizes chunks, using models that can be immediately applied in the real world.

Six one day sessions spread over six-months

Session 1

Getting to know yourself, others and what ‘good’ looks like.

It’s important to understand yourself and the people around you. Only then can you determine what success looks like for you, your team and the business.

Session 2

Creating what ‘good’ looks like and identifying your knowledge gaps.

Determining what success looks like for you, your team and the business, which then allows us to identify the tools, models and skills you need to flourish.

Session 3

Defining when to manage and when to lead.

Leadership and management are both necessary competencies that add value. Neither is superior or inferior to the other; they are just different.

Session 4

Building the tools of your leadership and management trade.

Businesses, teams and individuals are all different and face unique challenges. Building a specific tool kit that suits you and your situation is vital.

Session 5

Reflecting and applying upon your skill-sets and driving performance.

Succeeding as a leader and manager can be determined by not only the tools and skill-sets you possess, but how effectively you implement them.

Session 6

Putting plans into practice and driving the return on your investment.

You now have a defined path, with pragmatic skill-sets which can be immediately applied to make a lasting impact.

*The above is designed to illustrate a cohorts journey, the SEVENTHWAVE programme is designed to be bespoke, customised to the needs of the business and leadership groups.

The Outcome you will see?

On completion of the Six Sessions, each individual leader will have the knowledge, tools and practical skills to manage and lead even more effectively than before.

Key Outcomes:

  • Increased motivation of both the individual leaders and their teams.
  • Improved productivity and effectiveness, driving results and profitability.
  • Higher quality relationships between the leaders and their teams.
  • Decreased employee turnover and improved retention of talented employees.
  • Increased employee engagement for both the leaders and their teams.
  • A cross-departmental group, working together to support each other.
  • Significant reduction in escalated issues across leaders and teams.

The above outcomes are what combine together and create the SEVENTHWAVE in your business, a trusted, engaged & supportive network of leaders that work together driving the business forward.


SEVENTHWAVE Leadership Development training is ideal for any business putting high demands on their management teams, who are looking to develop engaged and engaging managers, who then can grow and develop high performing teams within the business.

Above are just some of the organisations who have benefited from SEVENTHWAVE.

Leadership Development PDF Summary

Download your copy of the SEVENTHWAVE leadership development programme PDF Summary and keep all the key details at hand.

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