Sales Genius by Graham Jones

Sales Genius by Graham Jones


Sales Genius identifies the 40 most important insights into the Science of Sales and Sales Management. Based not on theory, but on real-world evidence from some of the most significant peer-reviewed research-based studies ever conducted.


This book will make even the most hard-nosed salesperson re-evaluate how they sell. In its short 40 chapters is uses some fascinating insights, based on real-world research that explodes many of the myths around sales, sales management, and sales strategies.

Thousands of book, videos, and courses are produced every year, and while I am sure they are all well-intentioned, many recycle the same old theories from a slightly different angle, based on the personal experience of the author. 

Sales Genius in truly unique, based on solid research and peer-reviewed evidence, it provides a clear approach on how to handle some of the most impactful business interactions. It is also well structured, short, to the point and provides a clear summary at the end of each chapter, indexing and connecting all the relevant insights along with further reading.

Chapter 20 on Closing Sales sums up this book. Based on research carried out at Cranfield School of Management and the University of Bath, it investigated over 800 different sales people and concluded that closing the sale is old-fashioned outdated and no longer works with modern well-informed buyers. Salespeople should seek to build supportive relationships and allow the customers to make the decision to buy from them. And the most successful salespeople in the study were also the most well informed.

In conclusion, the research in this book involved real companies, real salespeople and real companies dealing with real-world issues and solutions. it has had a place on my desk for the past 18 months and has become my go-to reference for all things sales and customer related. If you only read one book on sales, read this one

The Author

Graham Jones is an internet psychologist, helping businesses understand how their customers use the internet and analyse the customer’s user behaviour to help them to sell more online. Graham is the former President of the Professional Speaking Association and is a Visiting Lecturer in Ebusiness at the University of Buckingham.

5 Key Takeaways

1. Practical sales advice based on 40 significant, research-based studies. 

2. Each study has appeared in a peer-reviewed journal.

3. The research involved real companies, real salespeople and real customers.

4. This book challenges and dispels many of the accepted ideas on sales.

5. In past times salespeople had the power of knowledge. Now with virtually all information indexed online, the buyer has the power and to be successful the salesperson must become the problem solver for their customers.

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