Flexible Support Services & Solutions

Let us set you up so you are more productive from day one, with solutions designed around you & your business.

Flexible support solutions for you & your business

We believe that IT Support by its very nature needs to be flexible, designed around your requirements & provided how & when you need it.

At Novalead we offer telephone support, remote login & onsite services for professionals & small to medium sized businesses.

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Discover the right Support Solutions for you & Your Business

One Off, Small Business and Server Support.

One-Off or Intermittent Support

£80 per hour

No minimum commitment.

£80 per hour up to 2 hours then £60 per hour thereafter up to 30 days after.

Includes NovaShield Data Backup Free Trial with Setup.

Request One-Off Support

One-Off or Intermittent Support

£720 per year

1 hour per month over 12 months.

Additional hours or employees billed at £60 per hour.

Includes NovaShield Data Backup Free Trial with Setup.

Order Set Monthly Support

One-Off or Intermittent Support

£1200 per year

1 day setup with 1 hour per month for 12 months.

Additional hours or employees billed at £60 per hour.

Includes NovaShield Data Backup Free Trial with Setup.

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Key Support Areas

We offer support in many different areas, below are a few of our most popular.

Email & Communications

Smaller businesses rarely have in house technical support, this can lead to staff wasting time on IT issues that could have been spent on more productive tasks.

Even when it comes to setting up relatively simple things like email, contacts & calendars, because your people don’t do it every day it can take them serveral hours. Why not let us do it for you.


Protecting your systems against Cyber Attacks is a challenge as viruses are constantly evolving & even the best virus protection is only effective 50% of the time.

Multi-version cloud backup is your best weapon against attacks. When you open a file, make an edit & save it, it’s automatically updated & backed up to the cloud as well, keeping your important data safe.

Data Backup

Our Data Backup Service automatically backs up files & file changes to the cloud, keeping data totally safe & secure.

Multi-Version cloud backup is constantly updating, copying files to a safe & secure location so you don’t have to worry if your computer crashes, gets lost, damaged or stolen or you delete some business critical information.

File Sharing

Online Sync & Share Services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive & iCloud Drive all offer seamless scalable solutions for file sharing for all small to medium sized businesses & professionals.

Discover how you can maximise there usage & start sharing your files between devices & colleagues, increase your collaborative productivity & file safety.

File Management

We show you effective strategies for storing, managing & retrieving the files on your system. Many people don’t have a system or structure in place to manage their files & don’t understand how & where files are stored on their computer.

Discover the best way to store your data so you never have to spend time looking for that important information ever again.

Multi Device Setup & Sync

Smartphones can do so much more than just make & receive calls & texts, syncing with your Tablet, Laptop & Desktop can increase your efficiency manyfold. All your devices have massive untapped capabilities if you know how to access them effectively.

Our Setup & Sync service provides you with one-to-one training making the most of your available technology.

Key Consultancy Areas

We also Consult and offer Support and Setup with the following.

Purchasing Advice

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the vast array of hardware, software & services out there? Or been unsure of the right way to go because of suppliers inability to explain things without reciting technical nonsense.

We can help, with over 10 years experience in business solution management our experience & no nonsense advice helps you find the right solutions for your business, saving you time, money & future-proofing your systems.

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Server Installation, Setup & Management

Businesses grow & as they do their IT infrastructure requirements change, many companies have a requirement for a Business Server but don't have the experience or expertise to install, setup or manage their Server effectively.

At Novalead we can support you with the specification & implemention of a suitable server, managing the setup process & working with you to maintain the server to meet your changing requirements.

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Google G-Suite Setup & Management

Looking for a solution to manage your Email, Contacts, Calendars & Documents for your business?

Google's G-Suite may be the solution giving you all you need to do your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet.

e setup your Business G-Suite account & support you to seamlessly migrate from your existing email provider, allowing you to easily manage your communications. With the knowledge that you have the training & support to maximise your productivity.

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NovaShield x Nexetic Data Backup

Our data backup solution Novashield automatically backs up files & file changes to the cloud, keeping your data totally safe & secure.

Cloud backup is constantly updating, copying your files to a safe & secure off-site location so you don’t have to worry about losing data if your computer crashes, gets damaged or you accidentally delete some critical information.

Our cloud backup solution uses enterprise level hardware with military grade encryption & is designed to work natively on both MacOS & Windows systems with a simple One Step download & installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you may have many questions, here are some of the most popular that we have answered for you.

Fixed Term Commitments?

Some of our customers have told us they want the reassurance of ongoing regular support with those common IT questions & issues.

Sole Trader or Small Business Support - Starting at £720 per year (1 hour per month over 12 months)

Medium Business or Server Support - Starting at £1200 per year (Includes 1 day onsite setup plus 1 hour per month over 12 months)

Giving you a minimum 1 hour per month to help resolve questions & make sure you are up, running & efficient.

Any unused hours can be rolled over into the next years contract.

Onsite visits that include traveling within 100 miles from our office in Barnsley.

Billing & Additional Hours?

One-Off or Intermittent

Billed per hour with a minimum of 1 hour booking.

Fixed Term Commitments

Billed per year or an agreed set period including a number of prearranged hours included. A minimum of 1 hour per month over a 12 month period.

Additional Hours

Additional time is billed in 30 minute increments charged pro rata on the agreed hourly rate.


Initial payments are Pro Forma & due prior to start of the project. Invoices due for payment within 14 days of invoice date.

How are Hours logged & Spent?

Spending Hours

Booked hours are spent on a hourly basis for pre-booking & additional time is billed in 30 minute increments.

Logged Hours

After a call, any extra time will be logged in 30 minute increments & sent by email to confirm what has been booked & what will be charged.

Includes a Free Trial of "NovaShield" Data Backup?

All our Support Solutions offer a 14 Day 25GB Free Trail & Setup of our Novashield Backup.

Unforeseen problems can strike at any time through accidental deletions, equipment failures, ransom viruses & natural disasters to name a few.

Most businesses don’t even realise they need cloud backup until it’s too late.

Novashield can alleviate these worries & keep your business running smoothly.

Discover more about NovaShield and Nexetic Shield Backup  ›

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