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NovaShield × Nexetic Shield Backup
Protect your Companies Critical Data - Easy - Safe - Secure

NovaShield × Nexetic Shield Backup Solution

Shield Backup automatically backs up files and file changes to the cloud, keeping your data totally safe and secure.

Cloud backup is constantly updating, copying your files to a safe and secure off-site location so you don’t have to worry about losing data if your computer crashes, gets damaged or you accidentally delete some critical information.

Our cloud backup solution uses enterprise level hardware with military grade encryption and is designed to work natively on both macOS and Windows systems with a simple One Step download and installation.

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Do you really need a 'Data Backup' solution?

What would happen if you lost all your data right now? Would you be in a position to carry on without it effecting your business?

Unforeseen problems can strike at any time through accidental deletions, equipment failures, ransom viruses and natural disasters to name a few. Most businesses don’t even realize they need cloud backup until it’s too late.

Remember, some disasters can be everyday happenings – like an employee spilling a coffee on their keyboard. Also, more and more threats to your data come from pervasive viruses.

If you want to keep your business critical information safe, you need backup that automatically and continuously protects the data on your computer so that if disaster strikes, you can easily recover your files without missing a beat.

The Right Solution For Your Businesse

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£8 per Month

Protect Your Critical Data with Shield Backup, Always On Automatic Backup, Risk Free.

90 days Money back Guarantee

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from £29 per month

Protect Your Critical Data with Shield Backup, Always On Automatic Backup, Risk Free.

Protect ALL your Server Data

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Shield Unlimited is the best backup choice for Your Business

Ask yourself, ‘What if my computer broke right now?’ Would you be in a position to carry on with no real effect to your business? Shield Unlimited is a Cloud backup service which automatically backs up files and file changes contained in your computer. Keeping your business data safe.

If your company laptop or desktop computer is damaged, lost or stolen, or you just want to turn back the clock, you can restore everything with the push of a button. All of the files contained can also be restored to another computer.

Remember, some disasters can be everyday happenings – like an employee spilling a coffee on their keyboard. Also, more and more threats to your data come from pervasive viruses.

Shield works completely autonomously. It’s always on, taking a backup of your data regardless of the user. When using Shield you never have to worry about the loss of your business critical data.

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Central Management

Our admin dashboard gives you the ability to see your entire company's data on a single screen.

No more guessing to see which departments or members of staff are backing up their business critical data.

If there’s a problem it will notify you via the built in alert system so you can quickly nip it in the bud.

Making Business Backup Quick, Easy and Secure

See some of the features of Shield Backup.

Easy to Use

Unbelievably easy to use. Automatic deployment, configuration and updates. Never waste valuable time on manual backup or systems maintenance ever again.

Truly Unlimited

Shield includes unlimited disk space for all laptops and desktops. There are no restrictions such as file size, file type, or how many previous versions are retained.

Military Grade Security

Your data is encrypted on your computer and then sent to our secure data centre. All Data we store is encrypted at every stage, end-to-end with AES 256-technology.

Enterprise Level Hardware

Our data centres use powerful NAS platforms optimised for high-performance computing workloads. So you get top end hardware designed for continuous operation working to back your data up.

Data Safe Haven

Finnish data security law is the strictest in Europe. So your business critical data is safe and secure and unreadable by anyone other than you. We are not bound by USA data sharing policies.

Faster Backup and Restore

We don’t cap your upload or restore speed. Unlimited bandwidth is our policy. The program ensures only the changed files are transferred so data upload is reduced and much faster.

One Step Install

Download and install. Your data is now automatically always safe. The user does not have to do anything. Shield runs in the background with practically no processes running or network activity.

Designed for macOS & Windows

Designed from the ground up to work natively on both systems. Shield Unlimited gives your business the choice of platform to use to backup and restore your data.

Keep Control & Ownership

Data is stored in data centers in Finland. Your data is always stored across multiple data centres. You have full control and can see all activity via your managment dashboard.

Protection from Attack

Malware is continually evolving, so even the best virus protection is only 50% effective. Shield multi-version cloud backup is your best weapon against malicious viruses or ransomware attacks.

Restore Data with a Single Click

Yes, it’s that easy! Simply click and restore and all your latest backup data will come straight back to your computer. Alternatively you can restore a single file just as easily.

Support that works for You

When things go wrong not only has our backup service got you fully covered, our UK and European support teams are on hand to give advice and answer any queries you may have.

NovaShield × Nexetic Limited

Proud to be a Nexetic Partner. The industry standard in Endpoint Data backup in the UK.

Nexetic Limited is a global SaaS provider of endpoint data protection and security, used by brands in business and education. Their highly secure cloud backup solutions enable IT, teams, to limit risk, meet data privacy regulations and recover from data loss, whilst keeping costs affordable.

Novalead Limited (NovaShield) a Nexetic Partner

Feature Summary

Discover Nova Shield × Nexetic Shield Backup Features.

• Continuous Backup for connected Desktops and Laptops

• Both Apple Mac and Windows PC Compatibility

• Unlimited Data - Unlimited File Versions

• Easy 1 step restore - back to original location

• Zero bandwidth restrictions for Maximum upload speed

• Up to 1 year deleted file retention

• Military Grade AES 256 Encryption

• Data Stored in Finland and the UK (Not USA)

• Data under EU security policies

• Enterprise Grade Hardware

• Centralised Data Management

• Cost Effective and Affordable

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