LightTape® Environmental

Light Tape® and its Power Units are easy to recycle creating a very low impact on the environment when disposed of correctly. Unlike Neon, Cold Cathode and Fluorescent lighting, Light Tape® generates no waste heat, contains no glass, no gas and no mercury.

Light Tape® and Light Pollution

Light Tape® produces virtually zero light pollution as it is designed "to be seen" unlike Incandescent light (bulbs) which exhibit a yellow/white tinted glow and essentially produce light to illuminate a specific area "to see by", poor design and over-illumination produce waste light and are the main causes of light pollution. Light Tape® can be used to create a display effect and due to its unique glare-free operation will not add to the growing problem of light pollution.

Light Tape® Running Cost Comparisons

Light Tape® uses 1w per meter at 25mm (1") wide, which means that at a length of around 100 meters it only consumes the same amount of power as one 100w light bulb, compared that to over 3200w of power for 100 meters of Neon Lighting (32w per meter) making the running cost per year close to £2600 and producing over 3/4 of a tone of Carbon, for the equivalent length of Light Tape® is a more respectable at only £50 per year and producing only 19kg of Carbon.


Due to its compact size and lightness, Light Tape® has an ultra low impact carbon footprint in respect to shipping and transportation costs.


Light Tape® and its Smart Driver Power Supplies should be disposed of at end of life by following the guidelines in the WEEE Directive (Waste electrical and electronic equipment). Light Tape UK Limited will dispose of any "end of life" products free of charge according to the WEEE Directive; simply return the product, postpaid to the following address: (7 Meadowfield Drive, Hoyland, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S74 0QE) for recycling/recovery.