Case Studies

Electroluminescent (EL) Light Tape® & Animated Signage.

Light Tape UK Darwin Walk UCL Install
Darwin Walk “University College London”

Light Tape® Custom Shape Outdoor Application

New Light Tape® has been used once again to create a unique display, The display features the words “Darwin Walk” in Morse code, with all the “dots” and “dashes” being made from Light Tape® in its “Cut out Shapes” form. at University College London.

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Light Tape UK Pompey Center Snap and Light Installation
Pompey Centre “Portsmouth”

Light Tape® Snap-N-Light™ Outdoor Application

Pompey Centre Case Study using the Light Tape® Snap-N-Light™ System. Snap-N-Light™ from LightTapeUK is the easy to install display lighting system for building decoration applications. Snap-N-Light™ is the perfect solution for fixing Light Tape® in place and providing protection from the elements."

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Light Tape UK Mc Donalds Animated Bus Shelter
Animations “Animated Bus Shelter”

Selective Illumination Animated Poster

With so many distractions and competing, messages in our modern world grabbing someone's attention even for a few seconds is becoming almost impossible. That's why advertising using animated posters with selective illumination to highlight a product has so much impact when compared to a static illuminated panel.

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