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Websites are your main presence online, allowing your suppliers, partners and more importantly customers to connect with your business, we work with you to develop a website that truly represents your products, brand and your business. Our cost-effective Website Solutions, future-proofed and totally responsive for multi-platform access, maximising the number of users who have access to your site.

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EL Light Tape®

Using less than a twentieth the power of Neon and Cold Cathode and one-third of LED lighting. Display lighting without the DOT's, flexible, easy to install & maintain, reduced light pollution, produces no heat and is fully recyclable. EL generates light by electrical excitation of light emitting phosphors. In this case, the phosphors are between a Transparent Electrode & Dielectric Plate.

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Shield Backup

Shield Backup by NovaShield x Nexetic backs up files & file changes to the cloud, copying your files to a secure off-site location. So you don’t have to worry about data if your computer gets damaged, lost or stolen or you accidentally delete some critical information. Our cloud backup solution uses enterprise-level hardware with military-grade encryption, works with both macOS and Windows with a simple download.

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Video gives you the power to show your potential customers that you value their time by giving them content that answers their questions and concerns or tells them the best way to use your product or service. The video is the preferred method for consuming online content, video humanizes your business and now with Smartphone connectivity, it can give you unlimited 24/7 access to your potential customer base.

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Marketing is a way to send out valuable information about your company, its products and services, targeting your ideal customers. Helping to build an understanding of your product and awareness of your brand, driving traffic to your website to generate enquiries. We help you create, identify and repurpose your information, putting it in front of people who need your products and services.

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Technology Support

We understand that having the right support for your IT can increase your efficiency whilst saving you time and money. Whether it's managing the setup of your email, calendar and contacts or supporting you with your Small Business Server, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Our IT Support Services assist you to setup and manage your systems effectively for both macOS and Windows users.

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